Hurley Public Library

405 5th Ave. North, Hurley, WI (715)561-5707

How to Use the Internet

There are two ways patrons can use the Internet at the Hurley Public Library.

You can use one of five public access computers. Use of computers are available on a first come, first served basis. To ensure free access for all, library staff reserves the right to set a 30 minute time limit on each computer sessions. If no one is waiting to use a computer you are then allowed to stay on for 60 minutes. Patrons must sign in at the computer by using the barcode located on the back of their library card. If you do not have a library card you may apply for one or use a guest card available at the front desk. When all computers are being used a waiting list will be created.

The Hurley Public Library also provides unfiltered wireless Internet access to library patrons. There is no password required. Simply connect to "Public Wireless" network on your computer.